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Todd Robinson

selling england by the pound... love it


Indeed! AMAZING album...

Paul C.

Great review of one of my all-time favorite bands discography. I didn't get to see them live during the Gabriel period, but his prog work played so much better live than in Studio. Note how strong those pieces -- especially the "Lamb" cuts -- are on their live album post Gabriel, "Seconds Out" ( a must-have for any Genisis fan's collection. And yes, I like Collins' vocals more on the Gabriel pieces) Also, look for the bootleg of the Philadelphia performance of the entire "Lamb" album with Gabriel. It also includes some great renditions of "Musical Box" and "I Know What I Like."


Thanks Paul! Seconds Out is great, like you say. Very underrated album, and shows Collins can handle the Gabriel pieces well. I'll check out the other stuff you mentioned.

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